Losing Hair? Don't Go Bald! Try Virgin Hair Fertilizer!

For women and girls, what's the most essential and body part for you in terms of looks and fashion? We know 80% of females will answer body physique, skin, and hair. Besides figure and skin, there's no wonder that hair plays a significant role in the overall looks, dressing, and fashion.    

It doesn't matter how good dressing you've worn or how good skin you've, but without good hair, everything is useless. It will still make your overall styling and dressing worse. For suitable hairstyling, of course, you need good hair.    

However, according to many researchers, it's found that 70% of girls in the world are facing hair problems such as hair fall, dandruff, thin hair, and other scalp-related issues that affect the hair.    

For that purpose, you might need to consider using supplements for your hair.   

Supplements For Hair   

On the internet or in the offline market, you might see thousands of different types of hair supplement formulas that claim to grow our hair with a rapid fast speed. But believe us, 70% of them are entirely fake, and they don't even have anything to do with your hair. However, not all supplements are manufactured and false; some fundamental supplements increase the growth rate of your hair.


Upon researching and digging deep on the internet, we found that virgin hair fertilizer might be a good option for you. First of all, it's completely safe and doesn't involve any side effects on our body. Yeah, we know it does contain some chemical ingredients but will not cause any side effects. Overall, Virgin Hair Fertilizer is one of the best and genuine working hair fertilizers for women that we have found on the internet so far.   

How does Virgin Fertilizer Works?   

So basically, a virgin fertilizer is a supplement or a formula that targets your scalp and helps your scalp grow hair faster. If we talk about its looks and physical appearance, it looks like a thick jelly, the same as vaseline. It works by targeting our hair follicles and expands the strand. In this way, the follicle develops, allowing it to absorb more minerals from the blood, and as a result, the follicle grows much more vital and healthy hair on the scalp. If we talk about its forms, usually it comes in an essential supplement cream that you can apply on your hair till roots. However, some manufacturers also offer a concentration in the form of a shampoo.   

Best Virgin Hair Fertilizers   

Below is the article, we’ve hand-picked and reviewed some of the best virgin hair fertilizers for you:   

Virgin Hair Fertilizer Jar 200g    

This virgin hair fertilizer is currently the top-trending product on Amazon. We believe that the price and quality that the seller is providing at this price tag make it rank as #1 on the corresponding keyword. Yeah, we know that the product's packaging and overall in-hand feeling look cheap, and it's not adorable in any way. However, the price where this cream stands makes it worth buying. Maybe they've used low-class packaging for a cost-cutting factor.    

If we talk about its primary purpose, which is cream, the product is 100% recommended. First of all, 80% of its ingredients are natural and. It does include synthetic chemicals (about 20%). Moreover, the cream might cause some side effects such as rashes, redness, and other temporary side effects due to those synthetic chemicals used in the cream.      

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Revita Virgin Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo   

Unlike other virgin hair fertilizers, Revita has a bit different style of working. First of all, the company claims that it starts working on the first day of use. However, how long it will take to fix your hair depends on the regular usage and severity of hair problems. The product is perfect for hair fall, thin hair, dandruff, stick hair, or any other kind of common hair problem.    

Revita is a perfect solution for all those hair issues. It directly targets the hair follicle, which is the fundamental source of your hair. It is responsible for all our hair issues. Revita provides all the essential nutrients and stimulates the follicle to grow healthy and strong hair. As a result, you get beautiful, thick, and strong hair on your scalp. Moreover, the product comes in a concentrated form of shampoo, so you can apply it every time you go for a shower.   

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The Roots Naturelle Virgin Hair Fertilizer Oil 

This virgin hair fertilizer is specifically made for those who want highly effective results in a shorter time. First of all, unlike other supplements, this hair supplement comes in the form of oil. Therefore, due to oil's viscosity and liquidity, you easily apply it all over your scalp till roots. Moreover, the company has used petroleum jelly in this supplement to help the oil get absorbed in every single hair follicle without any efficiency loss.    

However, this supplement is specifically targeted at African Americans, but they can use it easily. The best thing that we like about this product is its pricing. Unbelievably, they're offering two bottles of supplement for the price of one! In terms of usage, the recommended dose of this supplement is 5-8 drops in a day. The results and changes will differ according to the quantity and the severity of your hair issues.    

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Virgin Hair Fertilizer Shampoo   

If you don't like applying dedicated cream or oil into your hair, how about mixing the supplement in your daily use of shampoo? Yes, this hair supplement comes in a concentrated shampoo form. Therefore, it's ideal for those who don't like to apply cream or oil into their hair because this method makes our hair stinky and not suitable for formal areas.    

However, the product's working might get slower than in the form of cream or oil. It helps you fight hair fall, dandruff, thin hair, and many other regular hair issues. You can apply the shampoo about two times a day for five days at least. Overall, it's a good product for those who want cream or oily hair. 

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Nutrafol Women Hair Growth Supplement   

If you're looking for a premium and flagship-grade hair fertilizer, then believe us, no other product can beat this Nutrafol supplement. First of all, Nutrafol, the most popular pharmaceutical brand in the USA and is popularly known for its premium and highly effective supplements. 

The same thing applies to their product. There's no wonder this supplement is one of the most influential and best-in-class hair fertilizers on Amazon. The accessories come in the form of capsules which you can in-take through water or any drinking liquid. The company claims that they have included about 21 medical-grade certified ingredients.    

However, so far, we know that these supplements contain Keratin, Vitamin B2, Vitamin D, Calcium, and some other accessories, which are highly essential for the natural growth of your hair and to make them healthier. Overall, yes, it's completely worth buying for all of your everyday hair problems.   

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PURA D'OR Shampoo Conditioner Fertilizer for Hair Regrowth   

First of all, note that this product is recommended by Amazon and got the badge of "Amazon's Choice." For those, who specifically want an authentic and don't have any space for un-authentic hair supplements, PURA D'OR's this supplement is 100% perfect for them! The best thing about this supplement is it's made from 100% organic, and no synthetic chemical is used.    

It means the supplement will not cause any side effects to your body and scalp. One thing you might notice in it is its Apple association. It refers to a product that contains all the nutrition that you find in Apple, and if you know, Apple is a perfect fruit for making your hair healthier. It targets your hair follicles and provides them all the necessary nutrition they need to grow healthy hair.   

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The Roots Naturelle Virgin Hair Fertilizer Conditioning Treatment   

First of all, note that this conditioner is ideally made for African American people. However, it doesn't mean that non-African American people can't use it. It's an all-rounder cream but focused on African American people. The conditioner includes all the essential vitamins and proteins that your hair needs for healthy growth. It consists of some supplements such as Vitamin B2, Vitamin D, Calcium, and Keratin which are highly essential for a perfect boost for your hair.    

Moreover, it includes petroleum jelly (same as vaseline), which keeps your scalp skin and roots of the hair soft and protects your hair from external harmful bacteria. Moreover, the conditioner includes anti-bacterial chemicals that eliminate all the bacteria and micro-organisms from your scalp within the first five uses. The cream will not leave any oily feeling in your hair so that you can go anywhere you want after applying it.    

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Today, hair problems are the most common issues in girls and women. According to a survey of Harvard and CNBC, at least 6 out of 10 girls and women have some hair issue. For that purpose, you might consider using hair supplements that help you get rid of any hair issues and make your hair healthier and more robust. Virgin hair fertilizer is one of them. That's why, in this article, we've reviewed x best virgin hair fertilizers for women and girls.  

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